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they love the way i walk.cause i walk with a VENGEANCE.


I feel the power

Broderick Hunter (2014)

Grand Effex 
Whenever a hot beat comes on..


Can we acknowledge that Naomi has the baddest walk in the game




A Look at Black Chicago in the 1970s

The Atlantic’s In Focus blog is doing a great photo series on America in the early 1970s. Last week they took a look at documentary photographer John H. White, who went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism in 1982. Here’s a quick look at the series, and you can see the whole thing over at The Atlantic.


One Year Anniversary * Born Sinner 




  • Slavery didn’t end with the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. is not a cudgel to be used as a Yes-Man for any reverse racism propagandist.
  • Reverse racism does not exist.
  • "Post-racial" < ————- miss every last one of us POC with that shit.
  • Racism…

Alot of these Social Justice Blogs have a check list like this which reminds me of the Communist Manifesto, legitimate grievances, utterly incorrect responses.  Right I actually agree with alot of this, but also alot of this is massive simplification.  So I am going to go through this one by one to explain what they mean so we don’t just dogmatically make social justice into a fandom check list

  • Slavery didn’t end with the Emancipation Proclamation.

1) Correct.  Slavery as a legal institution in the US ended in 1865, with the ending of the Civil War and the passing of the 13th amendment.  The Emancipation Proclamation was basically just stating that Southern Slaves were not legally allowed to rise up, as at the time what hte war was about hadn’t been determined

  • Martin Luther King Jr. is not a cudgel to be used as a Yes-Man for any reverse racism propagandist.

2) Partly correct, massive simplification.  Now when racist morons like Cliven Bundy (the Nevada Rancer who said that African Americans would be better off if they picked cotton) try to defend themselves by hollowly evoking Martin Luther King, that is pretty much bullshit, and the US has a tendency to try to pretend that Dr. King was less threatening and confrontational than he was, downplaying his socialism and opposition to Nam (I am not calling him a socialist as an insult, I think it was a good thing) or the fact that many of the current issues facing African Americans today (unfair education, lack of access to jobs, lack of representation, poverty, racist prison systems, police brutality, police profiling, social reform) were things he was speaking against.  THAT BEING SAID, many of the SJWs also like to ignore that integration, tolerance, and reconciliation were equally important to Dr. King, and the whole “Fighting hatred with Hatred” was something he opposed greatly.  

  • Reverse racism does not exist.

3) I agree, racism exists, racism being a preconceived judgement about somebodies character, personality, abilities, or views based upon their race or ethnicity.  

  • "Post-racial" < ————- miss every last one of us POC with that shit.

4) Correct.   None of us live in a Post Racial society, we live in a less racist society than we use to live in, but racism is still present.  First example that came to my head, 1/3 of African Americans go to jail, that is a massive problem.  Anyone who says otherwise is a racist or ignora…no they are just a racist

  • Colorism is a direct cause of racism.
  • 5) Ehhhhhhh, depends.  Colorism has existed in every society since the start of time, because people are attracted to what seems wealthy, and being pale was an indication that you didn’t work, and thus were wealthy.  Only recently has that changed, and that has been true in every country, from Rome to India to China.  However, Colorism has become FAR worse since white dominance over the world, and is very much true in African American communities where lighter skinned are valued more (or appear in the media more)
  • Racism didn’t end with integration, voting, interracial marriage, POC being on tv, POC being in politics, POC being in films
  • 6) correct.  Those things helped, again US today is better than US 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years ago, but that doesn’t mean its over.  African Americans make up 14% of the population and like 2.8% (I think that is the number) of actors in hollywood, racism is not over
  • Colonialism is the direct cause of racism 

7) Kinda correct.  This seems to be operating under the assumption that Western European Colonialism (“I would annex the stars if I could”) was the first form of Colonialism, or that racism didn’t exist until the 1500s.  

7a) Colonialism has been around since the start of humanity, Egypt did it, the Assyrians did it, Babylonians, Medes, Romans, early Chinese, we have been doing that for ages, is just only during the age of imperialism were whites able to do so much so fast due to the massive technological differences plus Smallpox.  But its been around for ages, though not in this particular form. 

7b) Colonialism did not cause racism, racism has also been around since the very beginning.  However, Colonialism is the justification for racism.  the reason why we imperialist is because we want other people’s stuff, because having other people’s stuff is awesome, but we can’t just say that because then we might realize what assholes we are.  So we justify it by demonizing and reducing other groups into subhuman races.

7C) Now the form of racism that we in the United States and Western Europe are most familiar with, that against African Americans, Native Americans,  Latinos, was invented by the racists of the imperialist age, in order to dehumanize people to justify taking their stuff, raping them, driving them off their land, enslaving them, and killing them en mass.  However, not all forms of racisms are like that, because racism is the gift that keeps on giving, and comes in all manner of magical forms that vary from culture to culture, place to place, and person to person, and it would be a mistake to classify all forms of racism as emerging from colonialism, even more so 1600’s Imperialism 

  • Internalized-racism equates only to a POC bearing a racist mentality to their own individual race(s).

8) Ignoring my hatred of the term POC, I think that this is mostly true, an African American who hates black people would be an internalized racist.  I would say this is true for everybody, not just  non whites, though it is FAR more common in oppressed minority groups 

  • Interracial marriages and relationships are not the cure for racism.
  • Biracial/multiracial children are not the cure for racism or colorism.

9) I agree.  I don’t have anything more to say on this one.  That is just dumb.  They do help thought but don’t make sense.  

  • Adopting children of color while saying that their race, ethnic designation, and culture don’t factor into who they are and are either unimportant or irrevelant to their existence is not okay.

10) Ummmmm, I would like a bit more details on that one.  I mean, it seems kinda stupid (adopting somebody and saying that it doesn’t factor into who they are) I mean if I adopt a chinese girl, the fact that she is Asian to white parents is going to affect her life.  I think I need to know what this is responding too before I comment on this one 

  • Fetishizing POC is not okay.

11) Fetishization of  anyone is not ok.  The whole Catholic School Girl thing is creepy even when its just Irish people

Fetishizing POC can go beyond sexual terms:

12) Fetishization in general is not ok.  

Touching POC hair or skin without their permission is not okay.

  •   "I just want to adopt a ton of asian babies!"
  •  ”Indian people have such ____ eyes I wish I had them!”
  •  ”I love the way Latin@s speak with their accents.”
  •  ”Black girls with good hair are what I live for.”
  •  ”I wish I were [ Black / Asian/ Latin@ / Indian / Native & Indigenous] because then I could BLAH BLAH BLAH or be BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

13a) Actually funny story about this one.  I grew up in Brooklyn in the early 90s, and I was the only white kid on my block, in an entirely black and hispanic area, and being the only blond kid, the first seven years of my life is people randomly touching my hair.  Probably why I am so cool with strangers, since everybody was super nice to me.  But yeah, don’t touch people’s hair without their permission (these people had my mom’s permission, so fair enough) 

13b) Do people actually say that?  Huh.   Ok, thats weird 

13c) Saying “Indian people have” is bad, saying “I wish I had green eyes” is not.  

13d) Saying “I love the way Latins speaks with their accents” is bad saying “Southern Accents are amazing” is not 

13e) Saying that is what you live for is creepy, saying that “their are certain hair styles that only African Americans can have which are amazing and beautiful” is ok. Don’t touch.

13F) That just weird 

  • There is no such thing as good hair. Stop shitting on women with naturally kinky hair.

14) Fashion politics, I don’t care

  • A woman rocking her weave is just as valuable as woman rocking her natural.

15) General rule, don’t judge people for fashion, judge people for being people

  • You can still be racist and be married/be in a relationship with/have children with/have a relative or friend who is a POC

16) Oh yeah, that is sooooo true

  • A POC can internalize racism for their own races and perpetuate white eurocentric beauty standards as well as respectability politics

17) While both true, the way its phrased makes it sound pretty easy for people to call other non whites “Race Traitors” 

Respectability politics and tone policing does not prove any point and only further enables racism/bigotry/ and colorism

18) Incorrect. The manner in which you say something is just as important as what you say, as an Aspie let me assure you, this is fucking true.  A man screaming “have a nice day” is very different from one saying it normally.  Lets remember what Dr. King did best, the way you end racism is by explaining it to people 

  • Being bullied by a POC does not mean you’ve experienced racism

19) It can, depends if you were bullied because of your race

20a) NO.  Racism is not power+prejudice.  We have a word for that, its called persecution.  Racism is just making a judgement based upon race, ergo race ism.  Persecution is the active oppression of a group.  In the US specifically (and this is US centric as shit) white people are the dominent group, so African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans etc, can’t persecute whites, because we have most of the power.  But yeah, you can be racist against white people (African Americans are the most anti Semitic group in the US for example) just can’t persecute them.  God this is self serving as hell

20b) Also how fucking American centric is it?  Another reason why I hate the title “POC” it ignores the fact that non whites make up most of the world.  Japanese/Chinese, Japanese/Koreans, Burmese/Northern Tribes, India/rest of India, Hutu/Tutsi, their are PLENTY of examples.  

  • Being victims of racial profiling applies only to POC

21) No racial profiling is profiling based upon race, its just that the vast majority of racial profiling against whites doesn’t matter and is not worth getting upset about, since I am not going to be pulled over at night because of my race.  

  • The umbrella term POC refers to the multitudes of races and ethnic designations that are not White. That being said the varying groups of people who are Black, Latin@, Asian, Native & Indigenous have their own  layers of racial diaspora within them each with differing languages, dialects, cultures, traditions, politics, economic, and racial conflicts and issues. WE ALL SUFFER OPPRESSION BUT NOT ALL OF OUR OPPRESSION IS THE SAME. It may not be the best term to credit each individual race and or ethnic designations but it is the most understood, try though in conversations to be specific. 

22) POC is a stupid term because it divides the world neatly into White people vs. Everybody else, which is literally just the inverse of the racist’s logic of “White people>everybody else”.  Its reductive, stupid, racist, and extremely dangerous, not to mention reeking of classism.

  • Traveling is not the cure for racism

23) No but it does help 

  • Transethnicism is never okay.

24) For those who don’t know what Transethnicism is, its where you identify as an ethnic group that is not your own.  And considering Jews have been doing it for centuries, I think saying its “never ok” is pretty reductive

Cultural appropriation is never okay.

Appropriation a culture’s tradition, style of dress, language, and rituals because you admire it doesn’t make it okay.  Stick to your own shit. 

25a )http://evilelitest.tumblr.com/post/81325352934/youve-spoken-a-lot-about-cultural-appropriation-and

25b) Language is constantly evolving by mixing with other languages, why do you think English or Hindi even exists?  Traditions and rituals aren’t set in stone they form and change for a reason, and fashion is the most flexible and natural thing in the world.  Integration is good, don’t be a nationalist.  

25C) Stick to my own shit?  I’m anglo saxon, you want me to become a Germanic pagan, become part of a warrior peoples and invade people’s land?  Becuase then i’d just be a Nazi

  • Latin@ is an ethnic designation.

26) no its a cultural distention, plenty of Black South americans are Latino 

  • African American Vernacular is a real language with differing dialects depending on the regions a person is in.

27) No its a dialect based upon english, to be a new language you need to be more radically different.  

  • It is up to POC and POC ALONE as to whether or not we choose to reclaim racial slurs used against us as terms of endearment for our own individual race(s)

28) Yes, lets take the majority of the world’s population and have them universally define something.  what are POCs a hive mind?  Just don’t use racial slurs period (except for Pollack) and your good

  • POC don’t want apologies on behalf your race. We want you to use your privilege and take action within your communities to help dismantle racist and discriminatory agenda.

29) You really are talking about Non whites like they are a massive hive mind, we are talking about over 5 billion people here, I mean jesus christ.  I will say though apologies don’t really make a difference though.  There is no such thing as the race card

30) Yes it is, it is when you bring up your race in a conversation that has nothing to do with it.  Clay Davis would approve.  

  • Starting off sentences about how you aren’t a racist but [insert your unnecessary opinion or thought as a white person] has already condemned you to be one

31) Pretty much yeah 

  • POC don’t owe you any justification or answers. There are books in libraries. There is the internet. DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELF.

32a) Non whites don’t owe anybody answers, HOWEVER anybody who wants to express a public opinion on a rhetorical forum (Which this one is) regardless of your back ground owes people answers and justifications

32b) you know that their are many many many conflicting views and answers in academia and the internet right?  Its not like their is a universally agreed answer to racism among OVER 5 BILLION PEOPLE

  • If POC do take the time to answer your question READ IT. LISTEN TO IT. THEN READ IT OUT LOUD AND LISTEN TO YOURSELF. We have said exactly what we wanted to say, that is the only answer you need from us. Ask another POC if you must but do not keep pushing they same question on them either.

33) Um, your not a fucking aristocrat, if people challenge you (regardless of who you are) then you should respond, assuming it is a public forum.  If you don’t, say its because you don’t want too, don’t couch it in the language of supremacy.  

You can’t be an ally if all you do is try to derail the issue at hand with your hurts feelings and denial of the groups being oppressed by people like YOU

34) this is the bit of the ally.  Here is the thing, i find the whole Ally concept silly, racism exist, its an injustice, and everybody who realizes that should work to stop it.  Your not an ally to a race (that doesn’t even make sense) you are a person who is fighting against a cultural evil.  

Having a Black President doesn’t Make America Post-Racial 

35) Totally agree, Obama does not mean racism is over 

Your feelings of entitlement and Immediate respect are due to your privilege 

36) Feelings of entitlement and immediate respects are due to being arrogant, don’t be a dick.  If anything, its mostly a sign of classism.  

There is a difference between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation. Learn it.

37) Cultural Exchange is a large category of which appropriation is just a sub part.  Both are neutral with integration being actively good.  

(The next comments are specifically regard to the stupid comments she doesn’t like)

I’m Colorblind.

38) Yeah, color blind is stupid 

 I have ___ friend and they say/think/feel___is ok

39) Often bullshit yeah

Not all white people are like that.  

40) Why would a billion people would all be the same?  

Stop Beings so sensitive 

41) I agree thats stupid

Racism is over 

42) Racism is not over

You People find something to get upset about 

43) This on its own is stupid, though I do see alot of these SJWs seem to be more drunk on self righteousness than actually interested in solving problems

White people endure racism too

44) White people?  No.  Specific groups of white people (Jews, Serbs, Bosnians, Pols, Russians etc) oh HELL FUCKING YES.  Oh wait, SJW don’t give a shit about Eastern Europe 

If you all just voted ____ wouldn’t be a problem

45) Thats (by which I mean the commit) is just stupid 

We all bleed Red 

46) Yes, we do, we all have a universal humanity that ties us all together, dividing us just encourages racism, nationalism, and segregation. 

I’m 1/48th ____ so its ok for me to do/say/dress…” mantra are not groundbreaking

47) Meh, saying “I’m 1/18 african American, and I say slavery is ok” is pretty shitty, on the other hand, anybody should be able to integrate into any culture they want.  

It proves your ignorance and that ignorance is a direct link to your privilege  

48) Check your privilege being used as a shutdown argument, one of my greatest issues in the world.  

General responses 

49) When you write short un argued, simplistic statements, you will get confused responses, don’t generalize and don’t rely upon buzzwords.

50) Disagreeing with you does not make you a racist, being a racist makes you a racist 

In short, I don’t disagree with most of the problems these guys are talking about, its the methods they take in order to fight it which is the problem.  

reblogging because it is important to understand…also shameless self promotion 


During Halo, Jay Z and Beyoncé show rare, unseen videos of Blue Ivy


Kirk Franklin had church turnt



…bigger than Rap.

deeper than rap



Jazz legend, Nancy Wilson in 1965.


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New Modern Men

Images confront and provoke. They’re beautiful and they’re troublesome. Their impact, however, will be mitigated by what the viewer brings to the experience. For the values and ideas we all bear, frame our interpretations. I find these images potent and dark. They’re reminders of the complexities surrounding economics, history, race and class in our visual culture.


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